E-Design Questionnaire

Phone Number
Phone Number
(Instagram, Pinterest, Google, word of mouth etc.)
What room(s) are you planning to design?
(You can select more than one)
(If you have children or pets, please include this and the age of the children)
Which Interior style would you say most represents your interior tastes?
(You can select more than one)
What style or period is the property?
What sort of patterns do you like?
(Tick any that apply)
What sort of textures do you like?
What style of furniture do you like?
(Select any that apply)
How do you want the space to feel?
(Select all that apply)
Preferred wood finishes?
(Select all that apply)
Preferred metal finishes?
(Select all that apply)
(Samples & suggestions will be provided for Premium E-Design clients)
Preferred rug style?
(Select all that apply)
Please note that I do provide Art Sourcing which I can quote for any special pieces. It may be that within the eDesign one of the larger accessories is artwork that is fundamental to the design, which would be included in the package.
What type of subject matter do you prefer?
(Select all that apply)
(Include likes and dislikes)
What is the budget bracket for the room?
(Please note that above £6000 may not be covered completely in the design package depending on the scope and on size of the room, I would be happy to quote accordingly for you)
Which is more important to you?

Extra information:

Before I can begin the E-Design process, I will also need the following information from you:

  • Room dimensions
    (Please note again, that if the room dimensions are larger than average then depending on the scope it may have to be quoted accordingly.  It would still be possible to do this on EDesign if you so wished or maybe we can adjust the scope to remain within the Package.)
  • Photos of the room(s) & rough floorplan
  • Attachments of any existing art/photos that are to be included
  • Any additional information you think may be relevant
  • Any inspiration such as a Pinterest board for the room(s)
    (please email me a link to this)